Collection: 1. The Nepal Project

Gaurab Thakali is an illustrator and printmaker currently living in London. He originates from, and has spent over half of his life in Nepal. Throughout October last year Gaurab, alongside photographer Tom Caron-Delion, travelled through his home country. Stemming from this trip was a series of line drawings, acting as a visual diary of his time back after the earthquake in April, 2015.

On his return to London, Gaurab produced a series of screen-prints which have been applied to Goma products. We have created 20 skateboards, 30 t-shirts and 15 prints. All products were hand printed in London and were produced never to be reproduced.

Using 5% of our sales from this collection, we’ll support the community of Pokhara skatepark in Nepal. This was a community who openly adopted Gaurab and Tom. This skatepark is the epicenter of a rapidly growing skate scene in Nepal, that frequently holds skate competitions. There’s a lot of excitement in the skate scene there, despite competing for used boards. Gaurab and Tom thought they’d be really stoked to compete for new products, so that’s what we’re backing.
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