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We worked with UK rapper Loyle Carner, to produced a cooking school for young people with ADHD. Watch our film 'Inside the ADHD Cooking School' here:

Loyle Carner is a 21 year old rapper from South London who's grown up with ADHD, and feels this has been as much a blessing as it has a hindrance in his early life. This in the most part is down to him being able to channel his high level of energy and creativity through a number of outlets. The most obvious being his music, and the most important being his cooking.

From an early age, Loyle found unparalleled peace when cooking, and claims it’s one of the few things that he's able to wholeheartedly relax himself with. He believes it can hold the same value to others, who are in a similar situation to his younger self.

Over the next few months Loyle Carner will be working with Goma, a collective of young creatives, to set up their own cooking school for students aged 14-16, who are currently growing up with ADHD. Starting in July, we’ll have one week to teach our team of 8 young chefs to host and prepare a public dining experience. As part of the project, we will produce 50 tees, 150 zines and 1 short film; all artistically inspired by Loyle's current and childhood love for cooking. Every product will be produced never to be reproduced, with the least amount of environmental damage we can achieve.

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